The Joint Projects committee is promoting and recruiting coordinators to participate in the health. moves. minds. Fundraiser. IAHPERD is working together with SHAPE America to help spread the word about this new program that promotes social wellness in the schools.

The IAHPERD State committee consists of the following members:

Eastern District

 Mary Kennedy –  (Chair)

Southwestern District

Waneta Graham –

Sally Chamberlain –

Kim Wheeler –

Western District

Bob McBride –

Ken Mansell –

Northern District

Susie Shanell –

Northeastern District

Bill Casey –

Brian Van Mersbergen –

The committee would love to make presentations to school districts, district meetings, or have a booth at any conference. All information about the fundraiser is on the web site or Feel free to contact any of the state committee members for questions. For setting up booths or workshops please contact Mary Kennedy.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this new school opportunity. We know you will love it!!!

Talking Points for health. moves. minds. Fundraiser

The following information for the Health. Moves. Minds. Fundraiser are the talking points for school administrators.

Payment Options for the Schools

Option One:

50% of the funds raised at the school will go directly back to the school in GOPHER Sports equipment.

 Option Two:

The school will keep 25% of the funds raised in GOPHER equipment and 25% will be given to a local charity or group.

 Curriculum / Structure of Event

Currently the curriculum has been developed for the K-8 levels. The high school is being developed this year. High Schools can adapt the curriculum from the 8th grade level. The five areas of focus are: (Kindness, Mindfulness, Advocacy, Empowerment, and Gratitude). All materials can be used for the school from the web site.

The event can be a school wide event involving all of the special areas such as art or music and classrooms. It can also involve community groups as well. It can be done any time during the school year. The activities can be chosen by the school and also involve parent participation.

For additional information contact the web site or health.moves. All state information is the web site under Joint Projects Committee.


Sign Up for HMM

Signing up for health/moves.minds. does not commit you to running an event but it does give you acccess and inspirtation to create your own event and curriculum to use within your school. Be a part of the rising number of schools who are improving the emotional health of their students.
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