Application Deadline: March 1st

Who should be considered for this award? 

  • An administrator who has been an outstanding advocate for you and your program.  
  • An administrator who has given you extraordinary support in your professional endeavors.
  • An administrator in your school who has championed the cause of health, physical education, and/or dance at the local and/or state level.
  • A passionate school administrator who took charge and supported you and your program when there were possible serious cutbacks in staff or scheduling.
  • A school administrator who has educated himself/herself of the value of quality programs and has consistently promoted said programs in your school and/or district.
  • An administrator who has given distinguished, varied, and individual service to the profession through district and/or state contributions.

If you know an administrator who fits one or more of these profiles, nominate this person for the Administrator Award, to be given at the next Fall IAHPERD Convention.

Criteria for this award:

  1. Complete the Administrator Award Nomination Form
  2. Include a letter of recommendation from a member of IAHPERD reflecting one or more of the criteria listed above.

Nomination Form

Submit administrator nomination form to the IAHPERD Awards Chairperson, Vicky Nordhem at in PDF format.


Administrator Award Winners

Michelle Frost
Northeast Distrcit

Brad Funkenbusch
Western District

Jerry Ellerman
Western District