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Dear IAHPERD Members,
House Bill 440 Eliminates PE Requirements
HB 440 (Chief Sponsor Representative Ives)
Step One:  File a witness slip as OPPONENT HB 440
  • Even if you have already filed a witness slip it is time to file another.  We may need to do this multiple times.  Unfortunately each time the committee recesses the witness slips reset to zero.
  • When filling out the witness slip please identify yourself as a citizen or voter instead of teacher or IAHPERD member.
Step Two:  contact your State legislators either by phone or email
If you don't know who your State legislators are the following link will help you find that information:  

Find Your State Legislator

Be sure to contact your State (the one with a Springfield office) not US legislator (the one with an office in Washington, DC).
If you are not sure how to fill out a witness slip, please see iahperd.org
Thank you,
Judy Tiggelaar
IAHPERD Past President
IAHPERD Governmental Affairs Chair
Here's a script that you can follow if you email or call your Representative:
My name is____________
My address is _________________
Representative ____________,
As a voter in Illinois and a constituent, I am urging you to vote NO on HB 440.
The reasons why I ask you to remove the above language from HB 440 are as follows:
  • Permanently diminishing physical education requirements will deprive students of instructional time that is critical for developing the motor, movement, and behavioral skills that are essential for the lifelong maintenance of a physically active lifestyle.
  • 91% of parents feel that there should be more physical education in schools, particularly for addressing obesity (SHAPE America/American Heart Association, 2016 Shape of the Nation.)
  • Physical education is identified as an Essential Subject for a well-rounded education, therefore, Title I, Title II and Title IV funds are available for physical education programs (Every Student Succeeds Act 2015). 
(your name)