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Governmental Affairs UpdateGovernmental Affairs Update

Governmental Affairs Update

Dear IAHPERD Members,

Update on Senate Bill 13 (SB 13 Chief Sponsor Radogno)

  • Over 1200 witness slips filed in opposition
  • Deb Vogel (IAHPERD, Chair of Shape Up Illinois) testified in Senate Executive Committee
  • Senate Executive Committee moved SB 13 to the full Illinois Senate for a vote.  Senate vote could take place as early as February 7.

Action Items for IAHPERD Members

  • Contact your Illinois State Senator and Representative
  • Make a phone call, visit them in their local district office Remember they are suppose to represent you in Springfield.
  • Find Your State LegislatorBe sure to contact your State (the one with a Springfield office) not US legislator (the one with an office in Washington, DC).


  • SB 13 provides a way for school districts to opt out of any unfunded school mandate.
  • SB 13 reduces the required number days PE is taught from 5 to 3.
  • SB 13 allows students in grades 9 through 12 who are in interscholastic or extracurricular athletics to exempt out of PE.
  • SB 13 no longer requires daily PE.

Key Talking Points

  • ·Quality, daily Physical Education programs have:  Meaningful Content
    • Instruction in a variety of motor skills that are designed to enhance the physical, mental, and social/emotional development of every child
    • Fitness education and assessment to help children understand, improve and/or maintain their physical well-being
  • ·Quality, daily Physical Education programs have:  Appropriate Instruction:
    • Use of instructional strategies that provide meaningful inclusion of all students regardless of skill or fitness level, gender, race or ethnic group
    • Use of regular assessment to monitor and reinforce student learning and learning outcomes
  • Physical Education is NOT:  Recess (Unstructured Play)
    • Recess is non-instructional time and, therefore, content is not being taught or evaluated
    • Recess involves unstructured physical activity but serves different purposes (creativity, exploration, learning to get along with others w/o adult structuring activity)
  • Physical Education is NOT:  Athletic Programs:
    • Athletic programs are designed for students who have special skills and/or would like to specialize in a sport.
    • Athletic programs allow for the development of skills in a single area and are not intended to provide instruction in the essential content areas and standards of physical education

This Week in Springfield January 30 to February 3

  • State legislators are in their home districts
  • The Illinois Senate returns on February 7
  • The Illinois House returns on February 8

We will need to remain vigilant and active.  Let your elected state legislators know why quality, daily physical education is important for the students of Illinois.  We may need to repeat our message over and over until they understand that physical education is essential for a well-rounded education.  Sign up and participate in Shape Up Illinois

Stay In The Zone and focused on maintaining quality, daily physical education in Illinois. 

Thank you,

Judy Tiggelaar

IAHPERD Past President

IAHPERD Governmental Affairs Chair