IAHPERD Worth Talking About

Good News to Share and a Task for You

Good News:

The ISBE is considering pushing the fitness data reporting date back from May 1 to June 30. This is good news because it sets a more realistic reporting deadline for all schools. This will also allow PE teachers to schedule the required FitnessGram testing when it will not conflict with other state required testing.

Your Task:

Please provide public comment to the proposed change in the reporting deadline. The steps for providing comment are listed below. Keep it short and simple.

  1. ISBE Email Address: rules@isbe.net
  2. Subject Line:  Proposed Amendments for Part 1 (Public Schools Evaluation, Recognition and Supervision)
  3. Your Message: I SUPPORT changing the 'reporting due date' for fitness testing scores to June 30th
  4. Sign Your Name 

The proposed amendment is described below: Proposed Amendments to Part 1 (Public Schools Evaluation, Recognition and Supervision) Part 1 is the agency's general set of rules that govern the State Board's required supervision and evaluation of public school districts compliance with law, rules, and policy. The rules also establish a process for identifying the recognition status awarded a school district and its schools based on the extent of its compliance; that is, fully recognized, recognized pending further review, on probation or nonrecognized. The Part informs school districts of the requirements that apply in specific areas of operations and programming, such as school governance, instructional programs, health and safety, staff qualifications, and academic standards. Given the broad array of the rules; content, several agency divisions have been assigned responsibility for monitoring their provisions. 

PA 98-859, effective August 4, 2014, charged the Enhance Physical Education Task Force with identifying an assessment to be used in schools to measure "aerobic capacity, body composition, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility" of students in order to ascertain the effectiveness of Goal 20 of the ILS for Physical Development and Health. The law further required that health-related fitness testing be part of a school's curriculum for students in grades 3 and above. The fitness testing used must be appropriate to the students developmental levels and abilities, and scores achieved on the testing may not be used as part of a student's grade or to evaluate a teacher. The law also required that rules pertaining to fitness testing be adopted by the State Board no later than December 31, 2015. The rules implementing PA 98-859 were adopted by the Board at its December 16, 2015 meeting and became effective January 27, 2016. 

This rulemaking will provide a more general website address to access the FitnessGram testing protocols and when applicable, the Brockport Physical Fitness Testing protocols all schools are required to use to assess the physical fitness levels of students. This rulemaking also extends the deadline from May 1 to June 30 for schools to report data. Schools voiced concern to staff that a May 1 reporting deadline means assessments would need to be taken by early April in order to report to districts so that districts in turn had time to report to ISBE by May 1. Pushing due date back to June 30 allows schools to assess closer to end of school year and end of instructional period, thus yielding more comprehensive data. Staff is extending the deadline to align with when schools are required to report dental and vision data on IWAS. Finally, this rulemaking clarifies schools must report the number of students in the needs improvement zone for aerobic capacity only.

Initial Review by State Board of Education: August 2016