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  • IAHPERD Convention 2018 +

    Be the Champion

    November 15 - 16, 2018

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Brent Barker and Mary Lou Katarzynski
Churchill Elementary School
Glen Ellyn, IL
Integrating Technology with a Jump Rope Unit

Each winner received a $500 Grant for their programs

Bridget Anderson from Will County Special Education Co-op requested funds to help buy equipment for a brand new PE program for special education students.  Bridget reported that she would use the money to buy yarn balls, balls, adapted equipment, etc. that would help this new program get started.

Mary Rizzo from Elm School requested funds for FitStep pedometers for her elementary students.  Mary reported that she researched pedometers and found that these would best help her students monitor their activity levels.  She would also purchase a Fit Reader that allows for downloading pedometer results onto a PC or MAC computer.

Brittney Klemenswicz from Wentworth Junior High requested funds to help purchase 30 Mac-T pedometers as well as 3 Omron BP-652 Blood Pressure monitors.  Brittney explained that these would be used not only for health information, but to integrate the data collected with math and science.

Gary Simonian and Cindie Cortinas from Stuart R. Paddock school requested funds to create a science and nutrition unit to use within their PE program. The funds would be used to purchase white boards, and misc. educational materials.

2014 NED District Teacher of the Year Winners

Elementary TOY
Brian Boam 
Dorn Elementary School

High School
Jon Kulesza 
Maine East High School

High School Health 
Andrew Horne 
New Trier High School

Lisa Jacob 
Maine West High School

Adventure Education
Maureen Moeller 
Maine West High School

Young Professional Elementary
Julie Gordon 
Rupley Elementary School

Young Professional Middle School
Dan Kolar 
Hinsdale Middle School

Scott Chovanec 
Department Chair for Physical Education & Health at Maine East High School


  • Pump Up P.E. Trainings +

    professional development program that trains P.E. teachers to implement high-quality enhanced physical education programs in Illinois that prepare students for a lifetime of health and fitness.
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    The day will provide many other outstanding presentations with a well-rounded program for Physical Education, Health and Driver Education..
    March 2, 2018
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  • Program Enhancement
  • Scholarships
Do you have an idea for your program that will greatly benefit your students but don't have the funds needed for equipment? Apply for an IAHPERD Program Enhancement Grant and you may get the money needed to get your program going? Read More
IAHPERD scholarships that are available for Physical Education, Health Education and Recreation students who qualify. IAHPERD will award five scholarships of $1,500.00 each and one scholarship of $2,000.00 to the student who qualifies as the most outstanding applicant. Read More

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