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  • IAHPERD Convention 2018 +

    Be the Champion

    November 15 - 16, 2018

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This award is to honor coordinators from Illinois who have been involved with the Jump or hoops for Heart event. The winner(s) will receive the following:

  • One free IAHPERD membership and convention registration
  • Two free years SHAPE membership
  • Honored during the IAHPERD awards session with a plaque and coordinators jacket


  • Must be a current member of IAHPERD
  • Must have been a coordinator for either Jump or Hoops for Heart for the past five years
  • Must do a session at the state convention about the event. The session can   be apart of a group panel or by doing an individual session.


  • Individuals can be nominated by themselves, AHA staff members, IAHPERD members or districts, or other individuals
  • All applications must be typed and postmarked by August 1 or sent by email in Word form to the chairperson of the IAHPERD state Jump and Hoops Committee
  • Two letters of recommendations must accompany the application
  • Complete the application form and write a one page description of the school’s event

Description items for the event:

  • Describe the success of the school’s event
  • Describe creative an unique ideas that the school does during and leading up to the event
  • Describe any use of survivor stories or dedications that have been done during the event
  • Describe any involvement which involves the staff members and community

Professional Affiliations / Activities:

  • Describe professional affiliations and activities (memberships, organizations, elected offices in professional organizations)
  • Describe an honors or awards that you have received relating to the Jump or Hoops for Heart program or HPERD organization

The IAHPERD State Jump and Hoops for Heart committee will review all applications and the applicants will be notified about the award after August 15. Please contact Mary Kennedy for questions.

All applications should be sent or emailed to by August 1:

Click here to download the School Award Form

All applications should be sent or e-mailed to:

Mary Kennedy
1104 Westfield Drive
Champaign, IL 61821

  • Illinois Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance and Society of Health and Physical Educators have a partnership with the American Heart Association nationally.
  •  The Illinois Association gets a percentage of the gross money    earned in our state.
  •  Advocacy is a high priority for IAHPERD and AHA at the state level. Both associations are working together to help with efforts for physical education programs in the state.
  • IAHPERD hands out over seventy thousand dollars in grants through the Jump and Hoops money raised.
  • The on-line funding raising format has been upgraded to make it easier to contribute.
  • The prize list and incentives have been restructured to help with the fund raising efforts.
  • The curriculum for the school packages are based on heart health.


The IAHPERD Jump and Hoops Committee consist of several IAHPERD members from different areas of the state. We meet around four times per year and our main goal is to educate and promote the Jump and Hoops events. We also work closely with the American Heart Association representatives.
  • Our committee can put on full day workshops to hour- long presentations.
  • We can visit university and colleges to promote the events to students.
  • We hand out promotional items at the American Heart Association booth during the IAHPERD state convention.
  • We support the Health Fair in Chicago by giving away jump ropes to students.
  • We represent Illinois at the Midwest and National level.

Chair: Mary Kennedy – mjwkennedy51@gmail.com   (217-359-6441) (Eastern District)

Ken Mansell – quincypeteacher@yahoo.com (Western District)
Waneta Graham – wkg60@hotmail.com (Southwestern District)
Susan Shanel – sshanel@prodigy.net (Northern District)
Bob Mc Bride – iahperd@gmail.com (Western District)
Sally Chamberlain – sally_chamberlain@hotmail.com (Southwestern District)
Katy Elbe – Kathryn.elbe@tcusd2.org (Southwestern District)
Kelly Poskonka – Kelly.poskonka@heart.org (AHA Representative)

Please contact Mary Kennedy if you or your district would like to have more information or if you would like to high light your event or student.


  • Pump Up P.E. Trainings +

    professional development program that trains P.E. teachers to implement high-quality enhanced physical education programs in Illinois that prepare students for a lifetime of health and fitness.
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    The day will provide many other outstanding presentations with a well-rounded program for Physical Education, Health and Driver Education..
    March 2, 2018
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  • Program Enhancement
  • Scholarships
Do you have an idea for your program that will greatly benefit your students but don't have the funds needed for equipment? Apply for an IAHPERD Program Enhancement Grant and you may get the money needed to get your program going? Read More
IAHPERD scholarships that are available for Physical Education, Health Education and Recreation students who qualify. IAHPERD will award five scholarships of $1,500.00 each and one scholarship of $2,000.00 to the student who qualifies as the most outstanding applicant. Read More

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