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  • IAHPERD Convention 2018 +

    Be the Champion

    November 15 - 16, 2018

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Guidelines. Due date Feb 15th. Preference for funding will be given to research linked to K-12 age group. Applicants must be current members of IAHPERD
Grant limit will be $5000.00.
Grants that request more than $5000.00 will not be eligible for review.

  1. Grant Research Cover letter and Grant Application Cover Page
  2. Title page – Project title, Name of applicant
  3. Describe the research project- a total of no more than 6 double spaced pages. This should include an abstract, introduction, procedures/methods, evaluation process and bibliography. Please provide rationale and justification for why IAHPERD should fund the proposal.
  4. Budget – include a detailed budget with justification. Also include indirect costs and any other support funding.
    1. Budget line item -Travel money – The spirit of the travel money is to give money for travel needed to conduct the study and to give money for travel for the study to be presented at IAHPERD
      • not to give travel money to travel to national conventions. (Travel may not exceed $500.00)
      • Indirect costs may not exceed 3%.
  5. Please submit the grant proposal in Microsoft word format. The application cover page - with signatures - may be faxed to (217) 581-7973 - attention Mark Kattenbraker

The IAHPERD JRFH grant committee will review all grant applications and make recommendations for funding.

The IAHPERD executive board makes the final decision on whether the grants are funded.

All recipients must either present a summary of the project at the IAHPERD Convention or in an article in the IAHPERD Journal within 3 years after receipt of the award. If presenting at the IAHPERD Convention, all presenters must pay convention registration.

Recipients of grants will only be eligible to receive grants 2 years in a row. Then they will not be eligible for one year. 

Please email proposals to Mark Kattenbraker - Grant Coordinator - no later than midnight on Feb 15th. mskattenbraker@eiu.edu 

Eastern Illinois University
Lantz 2506
Charleston, Illinois 61920
Phone: (217) 581-2215
Email: mskattenbraker@eiu.edu

This grant is designed to assist undergrad university students who have helped plan and execute a Jump or Hoops for Heart event during their university experience or during their student teaching in a school setting. A voucher for $250.00 will be issued to the selected students for equipment from Palos Sports to be used after the student has become employed at a K-12 school after graduation.

Application Process:

  1. Each applicant will obtain a letter from either their university professor or co-operating teacher verifying that they helped to plan and execute a Jump or Hoops for Heart event.
  2. Submit a completed application form and the verification letter send both items to the chair of the IAHPERD JRFH state committee. The committee will review the applications and notify the grant winners. Four grants will be awarded per school year.

For any questions please contact the JRFH State Committee or the IAHPERD office.

This award is to honor coordinators from Illinois who have been involved with the Jump or hoops for Heart event. The winner(s) will receive the following:

  • One free IAHPERD membership and convention registration
  • Two free years SHAPE membership
  • Honored during the IAHPERD awards session with a plaque and coordinators jacket


  • Must be a current member of IAHPERD
  • Must have been a coordinator for either Jump or Hoops for Heart for the past five years
  • Must do a session at the state convention about the event. The session can be apart of a group panel or by doing an individual session.


  • Individuals can be nominated by themselves, AHA staff members, IAHPERD members or districts, or other individuals
  • All applications must be typed and sent by email in Word form to the chairperson of the IAHPERD State Jump and Hoops Committee.
  • Two letters of recommendations must accompany the application
  • Complete the application form and write a one page description of the school’s event

Description items for the event:

  • Describe the success of the school’s event
  • Describe creative an unique ideas that the school does during and leading up to the event
  • Describe any use of survivor stories or dedications that have been done during the event
  • Describe any involvement which involves the staff members and community

Professional Affiliations / Activities:

  • Describe professional affiliations and activities (memberships, organizations, elected offices in professional organizations)
  • Describe an honors or awards that you have received relating to the Jump or Hoops for Heart program or HPERD organization

The IAHPERD State Jump and Hoops for Heart committee will review all applications and the applicants will be notified about the award. Please contact Mary Kennedy for questions.

All applications should be sent or emailed to by August 1:

Click here to download the Coordinator Award Form

All applications should be sent or e-mailed to:

Mary Kennedy
1104 Westfield Drive
Champaign, IL 61821


  • Pump Up P.E. Trainings +

    professional development program that trains P.E. teachers to implement high-quality enhanced physical education programs in Illinois that prepare students for a lifetime of health and fitness.
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    The day will provide many other outstanding presentations with a well-rounded program for Physical Education, Health and Driver Education..
    March 2, 2018
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  • Program Enhancement
  • Scholarships
Do you have an idea for your program that will greatly benefit your students but don't have the funds needed for equipment? Apply for an IAHPERD Program Enhancement Grant and you may get the money needed to get your program going? Read More
IAHPERD scholarships that are available for Physical Education, Health Education and Recreation students who qualify. IAHPERD will award five scholarships of $1,500.00 each and one scholarship of $2,000.00 to the student who qualifies as the most outstanding applicant. Read More

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