IAHPERD has several publications that are sent to members throughout the year. Some have set times for publication, such as the Journal while others are sent when important issues arise, such as the Government Action Newsletter. We are always looking for contributors and correspondents for our publications. Contact Bob McBride at if you wish to help continue to make these publications great for all members of the organization.

Government Action News
This publication is sent out regularly throughout the year. Several issues are sent out but emergency issues are also districbuted when action is needed from the membership for topics concerning Health and Physical Education.

Illinois Journal
The Journal is sent out twice annually and is feature rich with color photos of the convention, workshops and programs that IAHPERD memberhsip participates in. The Journal also contains articles that are valuable to the membership written by professionals for professionals. Click on the title link for authoring information or click here.

On The Move
Sent out four times annually, On The Move will discuss current and upcoming functions and topics. Every issue lets you know the volunteers working hard for IAHPERD and tell you how IAHPERD is working for you as well as list some of the great offerings that are forthcoming.