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Teacher of the Year

Including Elementary, Middle School, High School, Dance, Health,
Leisure, Adapted and Young Professional

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Do you know an outstanding individual in the professional fields of Physical, Health, Dance, Adapted or Leisure Education? Recognize these people by nominating them for Teacher of the Year (TOY).

These awards are given in recognition of outstanding instructional performance for elementary, middle, and secondary school physical education as well as in adapted, dance, health, and leisure education. Elected individuals have shown their great ability to motivate today's youth to participate in a lifetime of physical activity.

Teacher of the Year Forms

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Click on the file you wish to download below. Instructional information as well as the forms are included in the file.
Nomination Form
Nomination Form Word file
Nomination Form PDF file
Adaptive Education   Dance Education
Adaptive TOY Word file   Dance TOY Word file
Adaptive TOY PDF file   Dance TOY PDF file
Physical Education   Health Education
Physical Education TOY Word file   Health TOY Word file
Physical Education TOY PDF file   Health TOY PDF file
Young Professional
(5 years teaching or less)
  Midwest Young Professional
(10 years teaching or less)
Young Professional TOY Word file   MW Young Professional TOY Word file
Young Professional TOY PDF file   MW Young Professional TOY PDF file
Leisure Education    
Leisure TOY Word file    
Leisure TOY PDF file