Service Award

(No limit, Honor Award recipients are eligible)
Deadline: March 1 of current year

  1. For those who have given distinguished, varied, and continued service to IAHPERD through district and state contributions.
  2. Has made contributions to children or adults in the school or community.
  3. Has been active in the profession for a minimum of ten years, is a current member and has had the last five years in continuous membership in IAHPERD.
Nomination Form
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Honor Award

(Not more than three may be given in a year)
Deadline: March 1 of current year
A nominee must meet each of the following criteria:

  1. Has been an active member of IAHPERD and AAHPERD for a minimum of ten years, and has made significant contributions to these organizations. (It is interpreted that the last five years shall have been with continuous membership in both associations and contributions shall have been made primarily through the Illinois Association.)
  2. Has been active in the profession for fifteen years. A minimum of ten years service should have been in the State of Illinois.
  3. Has secured at least a master's degree in his/her field or demonstrate evidence of professional growth.
  4. Has been actively involved beyond just membership in other professional organizations such as School Health Association, NEA, IEA, IAPPHER, NAPEHE, etc.
  5. Has served IAHPERD in a variety of leadership capacities.
  6. Has contributed significantly to conferences or conventions, programs at the State level, and either at the Midwest District or National level.
  7. Has contributed to the literature through articles in professional literature.
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Dr. Arthur Steinhaus Professional Associate

  1. An individual who has served the Association(State, District, National level).
  2. Any individual outside the special fields of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance; whether in closely allied fields or not, may be given a special citation for outstanding service or contributions to IAHPERD or to the profession in general.
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IAHPERD Scholar Award

IAHPERD Seeking Nominees for the IAHPERD Scholar Award

Intent of the Award:
The IAHPERD Scholar Award annually recognizes individuals who have developed an outstanding reputation as a scholar. Additionally, the award is designed to involve the scholar in the dissemination of knowledge in such a way as to benefit the disciplines and professional practices represented within HPERD.


  1. The individual will have established a national reputation (as determined by peer review of works) through scholarly pursuits (e.g., publications and / or presentations) that impact the disciplines of HPERD.
  2. Shall have an advanced degree in his/her respective field.
  3. Shall reside or work in the State of Illinois, except for a retiree who may relocate to another state and still be eligible..
  4. The work should have practical application to one or more of the disciplines in HPERD.
  5. The Award may be received only once.
  6. May or may not have current IAHPERD membership.
  7. May be actively employed or retired.

Nomination Requirements

  1. A call for nominations (April 1) will be sent to IAHPERD members, published on the IAHPERD webpage, and printed in On the Move. Any IAHPERD member may nominate a candidate to be considered for the IAHPERD Scholar Award.
  2. A letter of nomination from an IAHPERD member will be received. Nominations would be due by July 15th. Letters should be sent to Chair of     the Scholar Committee.
  3. The person nominated would be asked to submit a vita and brief biography attesting to his/her scholarship, and submit two confidential letters of commendation from colleagues in the field of study.
  4. A one-page abstract of the individual's research or scholarly activity with  explanation as to its merit and benefits to one or more of the disciplines in HPERD shall also be submitted.
  5. The nominee would need to agree to meet the expectations for receiving the  award before being considered, and understand that failure to do so results in the forfeiture of the award.
  6. All nominees not selected for the award would remain in the pool for the following three years. They would  need to update their materials by October 1.

Expectations of the Awardee

  1. On January 1 of the subsequent calendar year, the IAHPERD Scholar Award winner would begin a one-year term.

  2. The Scholar would be expected to give a presentation at the forthcoming annual convention and, if applicable, at the  mid-state convention.

  3. Bring relevance and practical application of the scholarly work to the membership.

  4. Additionally, the Scholar would be expected to give a presentation in any two (one could include downstate conference) of the IAHPERD Districts as district workshops, presentations at K-12 schools, colleges/universities or appropriate settings during the year he/she is the recipient. A work session with the IAHPERD Executive Board, or submitting a manuscript summarizing his/her work to the IAHPERD Journal would substitute for one of the presentations.

Selection of the Recipient

  • Eligible nominees will be determined by the IAHPERD Scholar Award selection committee based upon the criteria outlined above. The selection committee, composed of three Past-Presidents (staggered three year terms) would forward a slate of eligible nominees to the Chair of the Advisory Committee by October, 1. The Chair of the Advisory Committee would send a letter to all Past-Presidents that includes a short list of the nominees and informing the Past-Presidents that the candidates' materials are available upon request. If a request letter is received from a Past-President, materials would be sent to that Past-President for review

  • The award recipient would be selected by the Past-Presidents, annually at the Past-Presidents' meeting at the state convention, from the slate of candidates circulated by the Chair of the Advisory Committee. A simple majority of the votes will determine the recipient. The recipient would be named at the Past-Presidents' meeting at convention, and announced at the Saturday Executive Board meeting.



In addition to being recognized as the IAHPERD Scholar and receiving a plaque signifying the award, the individual's reasonable and documented travel expenses to all presentations would be covered (up to $1500 for the year) following IAHPERD travel reimbursement guidelines. An honorarium of $500 will be awarded the recipient at the annual IAHPERD convention following the recipient’s presentation

Nominations will be sent to:       Marilyn Mordini - 2035 Grange Ave. - Highland Park, IL  60035