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Each member receives 2 JOURNALS and monthly issues of "On The Move" newsletters. These publications will keep you in touch with the latest happenings concerning P.E. and Health.

On the Move

The monthly "On the Move" publication goes out to all members via email.  It is sent within the first week of every month as a link and summary of topics.  The actual publication is linked to for download as a PDF file.  If you feel you are not receiving this publication and you are a current member, please contact Bob McBride at iahperd@gmail.com.


Illinois Journal

The Journal comes out twice a year and the book is mailed directly to all members of IAHPERD.  If you are not receiving or are planning on moving, please contact Bob McBride at iahperd@gmail.com.  If you wish to submit an article to the journal, please review the following.


Information for Authors


        The Illinois Journal for Health Physical Education, Recreation and Dance publishes scholarly articles, research reports, innovative programs, articles with practical applications or implications for HPERD educators and professionals, trend and issue articles, IAHPERD grant summaries and book/software reviews.  The content of the articles should be consistent with the purposes of the IAHPERD and be of general interest to the members.

Guidelines for Submitting Journal Articles

        The Illinois Journal is published twice each year, in the Fall and Spring.  Manuscripts should be sent to Brian Pritschet, Research Editor, as an e-mail attachment in MS Word or PDF formats (blpritschet@eiu.edu).  Scholarly articles will undergo peer review and be accepted, accepted pending revision or rejected for publication.  Once accepted in final form, articles will be published in the next available issue of the Illinois Journal.

            Articles submitted for publication to the Illinois Journal should not have been published, accepted for publication or should not be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. 


            Manuscripts should be prepared using MS Word or PDF formats.  All copy must be double spaced except direct quotations of three or more lines in length which should be single spaced and double indented.  The first page should be a title page including the title of the manuscript, the author(s) name, position, school/institution/affiliation, mailing address, e-mail address and telephone number. Pages should be numbered consecutively.  Photos should be digital using cameras with at least 3 megapixels. 

Book Reviews

            Please contact the research editor for information regarding book reviews.


            References should be listed at the end of the article and should be arranged alphabetically by the primary author’s last name.  Each reference cited in the article must be listed in the reference list.  Only those references cited in the manuscript should be listed; do not list personal communications or bibliographical references which only provide background or are suggested for further reading in the list of references.

            References and citations in the text should follow the format described by the American Psychological Association Guidelines (The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5th ed., 2001).

Tables and Figures

          Extensive statistical information should be reported in tables or figures whenever possible.  Tables and figures should include a concise, yet descriptive title and be numbered consecutively and referenced in the text.  Each column of a table should include a heading and units of measure should always be included as appropriate.  Figures should be in black and white print with different symbols or shading to distinguish variables. 

Reviewing and Editing

            Each scholarly manuscript will be submitted to blind review by members of the Editorial Board.  The Editor has the option to appoint reviewers who have specialized expertise to assist with the review process if necessary.  Reasons for rejecting articles may include (but are not limited to):  the topic is not of sufficient interest to the profession, the topic is not of sufficient relevance or is not unique, the topic is of local rather than state-wide interest, the discussion is too vague or too general, the article is poorly written, or the research design is inadequate.  Accepted manuscripts are subject to editing to conform to the Illinois Journal format.

Illinois Education Committees

Illinois SENATE Education Committee (2015)

Chairperson:                         William Delgado (D)

Vice-Chairperson:               Kimberly A. Lightford (D)

Member:                                 Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (D)

Member:                                 Daniel Biss (D)

Member:                                 Melinda Bush (D)

Member:                                 Andy Manar (D)

Member:                                 Iris Y. Martinez (D)

Member:                                 Julie A. Morrison (D)

Member:                                 Michael Noland (D)

Member:                                 Steve Stadelman (D)

Member:                                 David S. Luechtefeld (R)

Member:                                 Jason A. Barickman (R)

Member:                                 Karen McConnaughay (R)

Member:                                 Sue Rezin (R)

Member:                                 Chapin Rose (R)

Illinois HOUSE Education Committee (2015)

Chair Person:                                   Esther Golar (D)

Vice-Chairperson:                           Linda Chapa LaVia (D)

Member:                                             Robert Pritchard (R)

Member:                                             Mark Batinick (R)

Member:                                             John D. Cavaletto (R)

Member:                                             Katherine Cloonen (D)

Member:                                             Deborah Conroy (D)

Member:                                             Frank Crespo (D)

Member:                                             Kenneth Dunkin (D)

Member:                                             Will Guzzardi (D)

Member:                                             Norine Hammond (R)

Member:                                             Sheri L. Jesiel (R)

Member:                                             Camille Y. Lilly (D)

Member:                                             Charles E. Meier (R)

Member:                                             Christian L. Mitchell (D)

Member:                                             Donald L. Moffitt (R)

Member:                                             Michelle Mussman (D)

Member:                                             Ron Sandack (R)

Member:                                             Sue Scherer (D)

Member:                                             Carol A. Sente (D)

Member:                                             Elgie R. Sims (D)

Member:                                             Mike Smiddy (D)

Member:                                             Joe Sosnowski (R)

Member:                                             Emanuel Chris Welch (D)

Member:                                             Barbara Wheeler (R)

Member:                                             Kathleen Willis (D)